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1982 - 83 Football Season

Game Schedule

Richland Bombers 6 Davis Pirates 0  
Richland Bombers 7 Pasco Bulldogs 20  
Richland Bombers 0 Kennewick Lions 20  
Richland Bombers 19 Mead Panthers 13  
Richland Bombers 0 Wenatchee Panthers 6  
Richland Bombers 35 Eisenhower Cadets 20  
Richland Bombers 0 Walla Walla Blue Devils 42  
Richland Bombers 12 Kamiakin Braves 19  
Richland Bombers 21 Moses Lake Chiefs 15  

Notes from the 1982 Season

Columbia High School (Col-Hi) was re-named Richland High School this school year. This is also the year Bomber Bowl was offically renamed to Fran Rish Stadium.

Some felt that Col-Hi and Columbia High School of Burbank, being in close proximity of each other, caused some identification problems. Others felt that Hanford High School was being referred to as "a Richland High School" which detracted from Col-Hi being the first and original "Richland High School" (Col-Hi replaced the original Richland High School which was built in 1911 and which the class of 1944 moved to the newly built Col-Hi in April 1944 to complete the 1943-44 school year). Also; the Bomber Bowl was re-named Fran Rish Stadium this year. Hanford High School and Richland High School share this stadium as their home field. Hanford High School Falcons (Hanford was built in 1972) felt like they were being discriminated against by continuing to call the football field Bomber Bowl.

1982 Player Roster

No. Name Position Height Weight Grade Files
Chad Aarhaus          
Clyde Allen          
Glen Ausmus          
Kendall Becker          
James Becker          
Rick Chandler          
Stan Chin          
Sterling Deaton          
Terry Dittman          
Terry Duncan          
Bruce Erd          
Carl Fite          
Alan Gilmore          
Pat Godsil          
Larry Guffey          
Joe Holick          
Tim Jacobsen          
Randy Jarrell          
Tim Jimerson          
Paul Krueger          
Ernie Langston          
Jim Lee          
Greg McElfresh          
Mike Miegs          
Ron Moore          
John Nicacio          
Marty O'Toole          
Dave Patrick          
Jon Perry          
Randy Piert          
Alvin Pines          
Joel Ratsch          
Randy Richardson          
Daryl Roberts          
Dan Ruane          
Gary Schauer          
Dan Schuster          
Robbie Scott          
Mike Scutt          
Gilbert Shaw          
Mike Sims          
John Sinclair          
Brian Smith          
Lance Snowhite          
Ian Stade          
Danny Stowe          
Dave Strausser          
Steve Strickland          
Darren Stroop          
Scott Strope          
George Sullivan          
Steve Taylor          
Zane Turner          
Tony Valdez          
Steve Van Liew          
Jerome Vines          
David Volmer          
DeWayne Welshons          
Bob West          
Chuck White          
Dave Williamson          
Scott Winegardner          
Ken Wolcott          

JD Covington

Head Coach

Overall Record 4 - 5
Conference Record 3 - 5