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1981 - 82 Football Season

Game Schedule

Richland Bombers 42 Davis Pirates 0  
Richland Bombers 28 Pasco Bulldogs 7  
Richland Bombers 10 Kennewick Lions 14  
Richland Bombers 33 Mead Panthers 0  
Richland Bombers 20 Wenatchee Panthers 0  
Richland Bombers 47 Eisenhower Cadets 17  
Richland Bombers 39 Walla Walla Blue Devils 12  
Richland Bombers 39 Kamiakin Braves 0  
Richland Bombers 42 Moses Lake Chiefs 0  
Class "AAA" State Playoffs First Round
Richland Bombers 14 Shadle Park Highlanders 5  
Class "AAA" State Playoffs Quarterfinals
Richland Bombers 34 Kennewick Lions 7  
Class "AAA" State Playoffs Semi-Final
Richland Bombers 28 Clover Park Warriors 8  
Class "AAA" State Championship Game (King Bowl V)
Richland Bombers 7 Kentridge Chargers 6
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1981 News Articles, Photos and Programs

1981 AAA State Championship Football Team

Notes from the 1981 Season

Class "AAA" State Championship with exciting 7-6 victory against Kentridge (Kent) in King Bowl 5. The highlight of the game was the famous pass from Bircher to Schwisow for the game winner.

Team Photo

1981 Player Roster

No. Name Position Height Weight Grade Files
Chuck Bender       12   
Mark Bircher       12   
Paul Briggs       12   
Dave Carlile       12   
Stan Chin       12   
Tom Cushing       12   
Chris Dalton          
Bruce Erd          
Carl Fite          
Alan Gilmour          
Rob Greenhalgh          
Tim Hale       12   
Eric Howden          
Roy Jerome          
Mike Jones          
Kyle Kafentzis       12   
Ben Kroll          
Dan Kulick          
Jeff Langlois          
Ernie Langston          
Jody Mayo          
Mike Miegs          
George Naughton       12   
Rick Nootenboom          
Marty O'Toole          
Jeff Osborn       12   
Chris Peale          
Jon Perry          
Dennis Piert          
Alvin Pines          
Joel Ratsch          
Kelly Ratsch          
Mark Rice          
Leon Rice          
Daryl Roberts          
Tim Ruane       12   
Mark Schwisow       12   
Gordy Shanley          
John Sinclair          
Paul Smith          
Jerry Squire          
Ian Stade          
Dan Stowe          
Tim Strand          
George Sullivan          
Carl Sumsion          
Doug Walter          
Bob West          
Jimmy Joe Williamson       12   
Dave Williamson          
Scott Winegardner          
John Wunderlich       12   

JD Covington

Head Coach

Overall Record 12 - 1
Conference Record 7 - 1
Playoff Record 4 - 0
Coaching Staff

Bob Elsensohn

Offensive Line / Defensive Line

Lonnie Pierson

Defensive Coordinator

Scott Woodward

Receivers / Junior Varsity

Ken Olson

Defense / Junior Varsity

Steve Potter

Sophomore Team

Jim Deatherage

Sophomore Team

Marc Olson

Sophomore Team