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1983 - 84 Football Season

Game Schedule

Richland Bombers 27 Moses Lake Chiefs 28  
Richland Bombers 41 Davis Pirates 0  
Richland Bombers 27 Pasco Bulldogs 13  
Richland Bombers 0 Kennewick Lions 31  
Richland Bombers 48 North Central Indians 6  
Richland Bombers 36 Wenatchee Panthers 8  
Richland Bombers 29 Eisenhower Cadets 10  
Richland Bombers 24 Kamiakin Braves 20  
Richland Bombers 7 Walla Walla Blue Devils 14  
Big Nine Mini-Playoff (Two 8-minute quarters)
Richland Bombers 7 Pasco Bulldogs 6  
Big Nine Mini-Playoff (Two 8-minute quarters)
Richland Bombers 7 Kennewick Lions 14  

1983 News Articles, Photos and Programs

Fran Rish Retirement Program

Notes from the 1983 Season

Forfeited game against North Central. Coach Covington had taped a television broadcast of a North Central game (Richland's next opponent). According to league rules, this constituted illegal scouting. Coach Covington voluntarily forfeited Richland's victory over North Central.

1983 Player Roster

No. Name Position Height Weight Grade Files
Chad Aarhaus          
Clyde Allen          
Ken Baird          
Kendal Becker          
Gary Bellow          
Paul Boehning          
Scott Bonar          
Justin Brunson          
Mike Burns          
Darren Chase          
Gary Christensen          
Sterling Deaton          
Terry Dittman          
Terry Duncan          
Tim Engel          
Carl Fite          
Rob Fryer          
Pat Godsil          
Larry Guffey          
Chris Hinckley          
Tim Jacobsen          
Randy Jarrell          
Tim Jimerson          
Paul Krueger          
Craig Krueger          
Ken Lattin          
Tom Luevano          
Dan Martin          
Ron Moore          
Dave Patrick          
Randy Piert          
Bracken Reed          
Marc Richey          
Paul Ride          
Bryan Roberts          
Dan Ruane          
Chris Rush          
Gary Schauer          
Dan Schuster          
Mike Sims          
Dave Smith          
Dave Strasser          
Steve Strickland          
Steve Taylor          
Bryan Taylor          
Zane Turner          
Tony Valdez          
Steve Van Liew          
Darrel Vaught          
Jerome Vines          
Dave Volmer          
Keith Walker          
Dwayne Welchons          
Dave Wheeler          
Chuck White          
Scott Williams          
Dave Williamson          
Pat Wolcott          
Craig Wright          
Gary Yule          

JD Covington

Head Coach

Overall Record 7 - 4
Conference Record 5 - 3
Playoff Record 1 - 1