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1945 - 46 Football Season

Game Schedule

Richland mascot officially changed from Beavers to Bombers
Richland Bombers 0 Prosser Mustangs 25  
Richland Bombers 7 Hermiston Bulldogs 0  
Richland Bombers 0 Walla Walla Blue Devils 21  
Richland Bombers 0 Pasco Bulldogs 51  
Richland Bombers 0 Yakima Pirates 53  
Richland Bombers 6 Kennewick Lions 47  
Richland Bombers 0 Pasco Bulldogs 33  
Richland Bombers 0 Grandview Greyhounds 27  
Richland Bombers 0 Kennewick Lions 44  

Notes from the 1945 Season

This is the gospel truth concerning the Bomber mascot change from Beavers to Bombers.

Col-Hi changed their mascot from Beavers to Bombers this year because of the tremendous pride exhibited by partisan "frontier minded" Richlanders with their part in contributing to the making of the Atomic Bomb at the Hanford Engineering Works; thus hastening the end of the war against Japan. The new mascot name was an instant hit with the student body and parents; expressing their pride and euphoria of the time.

This is the first year that Richland played their home games at the Bomber Bowl.

1945 Player Roster

No. Name Position Height Weight Grade Files
Howard Brewer       12   
Larry Browning 10      10   
Charles Clark       11   
Chuck Crowder        
Paul Crowder       12   
Jack Davis       10   
Charles Funk       12   
Dale Gier       10   
Weston Gray       11   
John Hughes (Captain)      11   
Ray Hultman       11   
Kenneth Jones       11   
Bob Keplinger       11   
Bob Kraus       11   
Charles Larrabee       11   
Don Latta       11   
Dick McCoy       12   
Lewis Merryman       11   
Don Richey       11   
Edsel Skow       11   
Gordon Wier       11   
Jack Yaggi       12   

Fred Littau

Head Coach

Overall Record 1 - 8
Coaching Staff

Joe Barker

Junior Varsity Coach