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1919 - 20 Football Season

Game Schedule

Richland 0 Kennewick Lions 69
Richland 0 Sunnyside Grizzlies 66
Richland 0 Pasco Bulldogs 55
Richland 0 Kennewick Lions 1
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Notes from the 1919 Season

Forfeited last game to Kennewick High School. Richland did not play because they felt they did not have a competetive team.

1919 Player Roster

No. Name Position Height Weight Grade Files
Wilbur Adkins FB         
Bernie Boettcher     10   
Tony Boettcher        
E Clements          
W Clines          
Kenneth Compton       10   
Arthur Danning          
Henry Johnson        
R Kennard          
L Muncey          
Earl Nickolaus End         
Orvie Ross HB (Captai         
Russell Ross          
Norbett Timmerman        
Clarence Wheelhouse       10   

Elmer H Dixon

Head Coach

Overall Record 0 - 4